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The biggest blunder I see brides-to-be make, is choosing their bouquet on what is popular at the time. What is trendy may not suit your shape or dress and you also risk the flowers looking “outdated” in the future.  This is your day! Your bridal bouquet should be the best of what you want and what looks good for you. You want to be consistent with color, style, and flower types. The primary flower in your bridal  bouquet should also be in your Bridesmaids’ bouquets.

We all have our favorite flowers. But, the flowers you choose may not be in season or the right fit for your bouquet. Trusting your florist’s advice is extremely important on this one. If you want flowers that are “out of season”, importing them may be a bit costly for your budget. You also have to watch the season you are getting married, certain flowers will wilt in the summer months. You might be looking at gorgeous wedding bouquets in bridal magazines, but what they don’t tell you is that they sometimes use fake flowers for the photographs. You might think the classic flowers like roses, lilies and orchids are boring, but they have been tested time and time again.


If you want a unique bridal bouquet try adding one or more of these items:

  • beads, feathers or pearls
  • unusual colors
  • unique design
  • quality silk flowers
  • charm keepsakes of a loved one

Choosing The Right Style:

There are many styles to choose from:

Round: This bouquet is inexpensive, trendy and youthful. It looks best with a simple straight lined wedding dress.

Cascading: This bouquet is soft, yet formal. It looks best with a formal or fuller wedding dress.

Teardrop: This bouquet is top heavy and is best avoided on pear shaped brides.

Simple Line: Best with a simple modern dress.

Pomander or Round Ball: Sophisticated

Floral Purse: This bouquet is great for a modern look, and for the bride who wants something unique.

* If you are not sure which style is best for you, simply bring in photos of what you like and ask your florist if it is suitable for you.


Choosing The Right Color For You and Your Bridesmaids:

  • Choose same color shade as bridesmaids, you will need a larger bouquet or different style so your bouquet will stand out.
  • If you choose a white bouquet remember just keep in mind that white against white does not photograph well! If the bride really wants white flowers I suggest that you include lots of green leaves to add some accentuation.
  • Choose range of shades similar to the bridesmaid dresses. For example, If the dresses are pink than choose several shades of pink similar to dresses. 
  • Choose a color that compliments the bridesmaids dresses.
  • If the dresses are dark you want to avoid too many dark flowers because this will cause everything to recede into the background. If the dresses are bright then avoid too many bright flowers because this will be overwhelming.
  • Last but not least, if you are expecting the color of the flowers to be an exact match to the bridesmaid dresses you will be very disappointed.